an interview with

Skinday's Founders

Diana Stenbolt and Gemma Estrela

To celebrate this glorious sunshine, Casa Raki has partnered with Skindays - the ultimate pro-ageing skincare platform - to help you give your skin all the protection and essential support it needs during the summer.


Founded by Diana Stenbolt and Gemma Estrela, Skindays is the first curated pro-ageing platform guiding users through their skin days via personalised product recommendations.

Morning skin care routine?

- Irene Forte Cleansing Milk 

- Oio Lab Aquasfere Serum

- Peace & Pure Timeless Elixir 

- De Mamiel Daily Hydrating Nectar

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SPF every day or only on holiday?

Every day, our skin will thank us for it in the future.



P&P timeless elixir



Dream holiday destination?

Cuixmala, Mexico.

Your go-to holiday Casa Raki piece?

Pia Top and Alma Trousers

pia top

The Pia Top is a breathable, lightweight top featuring a unique a twisted front and cutout bodice, creating a fitted silhouette and allowing for comfort and ease of movement.

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The Alma Trousers are expertly tailored for comfort and elegance. Crafted from organic linen, these trousers offer great breathability. With a flattering high waist and double reverse pleats that fall into voluminous wide legs allows you to move freely. 

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wish list

Which item from the high summer collection is on your wish list?

Ana Set Black


Skincare tips for maintaining healthy skin while enjoying the summer sun?

  1. Protect: If there is only one thing to do this summer is to protect your skin from UVA & UVB rays every day. Pro tip: remember to protect your lips, hands and ears, this is where sun damage becomes most visible with age  
  2. Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid: The Perfect Combo: Vitamin C is an antioxidant which protects your skin from sun damage and supports skin repair. HA will plump and hold moisture in your skin!
  3. Exfoliate all summer round: Once a week for blemish-free skin. Humidity makes skin oiler, increasing pores clogging with the daily environment exposures & may lead to larger pores, acne/ blemishes.
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Best advice for starting a new simple and effective skincare routine?

For us here at Skindays, less is more! Start by investing in an effective everyday cleanser, expert-backed serum with real actives and antioxidants and an SPF for moisturiser.