Maria Helena's Guide

To Säo Paulo.

We asked creative director and Brazil native, Maria Helena Pessõa de Quiroz, to share her best tips on visiting São Paulo.

Favourite things about the city?

One of the things I like most about São Paulo is how cosmopolitan the city is. Just like another big city such as NY, London, São Paulo gathers people from all over the country and from abroad, so you always have the opportunity to meet new people, have different conversations, “hear something new”, in a city that bubbles and offers you absolutely everything: art, fashion, amazing restaurants, bars, nightlife, culture. You can have and experience almost anything at anytime.

Even thought Rio de Janeiro is my home town, a place by the beach, I’ve always felt attracted to São Paulo. Säo Paulo to me means being challenged all the time and being open to see and feel different things. It is definitely a city that takes you out of your comfort zone and it offers everything for you to evolve throughout this path.

Favourite place to stay ?

rosewood säo paulo

Thanks to Alex Alard and his vision, Sao Paulo now has its own Rosewood and it is breathtaking! I don’t recall seeing a city hotel so unique at Rosewood Sao Paulo.


A more quiet hotel but very elegant with amazing service.

Favourite place to eat?

That is a though question! Sao Paulo has so many amazing restaurants, you better stay long!
My favorites: Maní, Ema, Bar da Dona Onça, Tanit, Ohkinha, Taberna, Spot, Casa do Porco, Bernacca, Carlota, la Tambouille, La Casserole, Baru, Rodeio, CT Boucherie, Almanara, Vecchio Torino, Ryo

Favourite shops?

Pinga e Gallerist: they offer the best curation over national brands! A must go! Some Brazilian brands that I love: Isabela Capeto, Von Trapp, Misci, Julia Gastin, Alix Duvernoy, Andrea Marques, Lenny Niemeyer, Paula Raia, Adriana Degreas, Aluf, Prasi, Amsterdam Sauer, Lapima, H Stern, BDLN, Reinaldo Lourenço 

Cultural spots?

Masp, Thomie Othake, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Galeria Nara Roesler, Fortes Daloia, Casa Triangulo, Mendes Wood, Galatea

for a great view?

Terraço Italia! 

Best beaches?

If you’re in Sao Paulo and you wish to enjoy some days by the beach I would recommend Ilhabela, Iporanga and Baleia Beach.

Best place for drinks?

Orfeu, Caracol, Baretto, Casa de Francisca, Petit Le Jazz, Arlete, Guilhotina bar, Punch Bar, Fel, Bar da Dona Onça, Riviera




A perfect day would be...

Masp! So a perfect day would be: nice walk in Parque Ibirapuera or Parque do povo, then visit Masp, a late lunch in Bar da dona onça, after lunch walk to Bar Orfeu that is 50 meters away. If you feel like extending the night, I would then go to Heavy house