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We asked Casa Raki's founder, Josefina Alazraki, to share her favourite places to eat, relax and shop in Punta Del Este, Uruguay.

Where do you stay in Punta Del Este?

I’m lucky enough that we have a house 100m away from the beach in Manantiales. It’s been my family home for 20 years and it’s my to go to!

The hotel I would love to stay every single time I come is Casa Pueblo. It’s another architecture masterpiece constructed by the Uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró. The building, which took 36 years to complete, has thirteen floors with terraces that allow an optimal views of the sunset over the waters of the Atlantic ocean. Initially, it was the artist's summer home and workshop, and includes a museum, an art gallery, a cafeteria and a hotel in its facilities.


Jo at her family house in Manantiales, wearing the Ana Set in black.

Casa Pueblo, view from the terrace.

Favourite Neighbourhood?

José Ignacio. It’s a secluded place with the coolest restaurants, beaches and everything you might want from a holiday spot. The sunsets on The Mansa (the calm beach) are from another world. Nothing beats a drink with your friends at the end of the day and this magical sunset. There are also loads of boutiques with South American designers clothes and great craftmanship. 

Where do you go for food?


Is the most amazing place for lunch, there is great music and it’s usually packed. The food is outstanding; don’t leave without trying the dulce de leche volcán. 


Is a great buffet-style restaurant owned by Fernando Trocca who is regarded as one of the best Argentinian chefs. I love every single thing on their menu.


Is beautiful, great food plus the setting is very rustic and cool, the owner hand-built all the furniture in the restaurant using wood from the surrounding property. I also love La Susana – a great option with a little adventure involved, as you have to arrive by boat. Your journey finishes in this beautiful candle-lit beach shack; the food is wonderful too.

spot for a snack?

And there's two things you can't leave Punta Del Este without trying. One is Medialunas Calentitas in La Barra, they are this small style croissants which are covered in the most delicious syrup. And the other place is Churros Manolo, another institution in the city.

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Favourite bar or cafe?

Café La linda

Is one of my favourites. Its owner is half British/Argentinean and it has such delicious food. The vibe is super cool too!


Opened last summer, this new place in Manantiales offers an amazing lunch and coffee, with a very cool crowd as it is set to be a members club opened for locals who live there the whole year round. Its also a co-working space so I spend a lot of time there when I’m staying for over twp months.

Which are your favourite beaches?

My favourite beaches are the deserted ones. And this is the best thing about Punta del Este. There are kilometers and kilometers of coast. So even in the busiest months (Dec-January) you can find a spot with literally no one around to go and meet your friends or take the kids for a beach picnic. 

Where do you go for nightlife?

For nightlife there are some really cool bars in Manantiales, Bar 33 is a new place It’s the go to spot to meet your friends and start the night. Then you can head to Ferona or any house party there might be (Which is usually the case).

Best place to go shopping?

José Ignacio has some amazing boutiques. In Manantiales you can find my favourite one, Casa Ribera is a great multi brand store with South American designers and a unique selection, where you can find Casa Raki as well.In La Barra there are some amazing homeware shops as well. 

Once a month, those who live in the neighbourhood organise a market in Manantiales where you can find antiques and some great gems, head to La Vecinal. The artisanal market in Gorlero is interesting to see if you have kids, loads of fun stuff for them to see, get braids and eat loads of candy. 

Best place to soak up some culture?

José Ignacio, Garzón for a day tour to the vineyard and the local town. La Pedrera is really beautiful too.

I would say don’t leave without doing a horse ride through the countryside and don’t forget to visit Lapataia if you are a fan of dulce de leche like me. Definitely go and visit Garzón town – totally worth the trip. 

In what way has Punta Del Este been a source of inspiration for you?

In every way, it’s been my second home for my whole life. It’s now where I want my children to grow up in. It’s the perfect mix of fun and family life. It has nature all around it. Reminds you of how un important everything else but being with your family and friends is. 

I also grew up on the beach here, wearing a swimsuit everyday and I like to think this is where the roots of the brand were planted. All the way back then…

The style is very bohemian and very relaxed. We all enjoy getting dressed to go out, but in the most effortless way. Lots of cotton dresses, linen, fresh fabrics during the day and soft wool ponchos at night if you are going to be close to the seaside. It’s not really a heels place, and that is what I love the most. This ethos and approach runs through my brand and is a constant source of inspiration when I am conceptualising new collections. My thoughts are what would I wear in Punta?