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We spent a lovely afternoon with Nina Litchfield, founder and creative director of the London based interior design company Nina Litchfield Studios. We had the chance to chat about her favourite and most beloved destinations, Brazil and India.

ANGRA DOS REIS, in Brazil. 

I have Brazilian heritage and therefore love returning to Brazil to visit my family and my loved ones. The country is vast and has many hidden treasures, but one of my favourite places is called Angra dos Reis. (Translated it means port of kings) apparently Drawing passed through there in his travels and said “if there is paradise on earth it must be somewhere around here)


Then in Angra you have this big island called “Isla grande” which literally translate to big island. On the side facing the open sea there is a beach called Lopes Mendes.

This is my favourite place, my favourite beach in the world. Its completely untouched and on the days when there are no people it's pure magic. The water is ice cold and refreshing. Its clear blue colour gets me every time when I'm there. There is a track leading from the other side of the island thats always a great adventure and feels like you are going back in time when the world was untouched and still being discovered. It is simply heavenly.


India, my favourite country after my homeland Brazil. I love it there. Everything about it. The people the culture the nature. I travelled through Rajasthan in 2018 and came back a new person. It was a 3 week trip with only women. 6 women. It was simply the best and I will never forget it. Covid has gotten in the way of going back there, but I cannot wait to see the day we go back. 


I loved getting to know the city jodhpur, one of my favourites


Usually girlfriends or my husband


I love a holiday to have a mix of culture and nature. Depends on what one needs in that moment. Relaxing and switching off from every day life is a must. Ideally with lots of sun to soak in as I live in London and there is a shortage of vitamin C


I love the set I am wearing the set below… it versatile and timeless. You can wear the top with jeans all wear around and not just in the summer 

Nina is wearing the Cayetana Blouse in Flax with the Emilia Shorts in Flax matching the set. 




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