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Meet Tijan Serena, a London local with a long standing love affair with fashion and beauty. She started her blog in 2013 as a creative outlet after completing a degree in Politics and International Relations. This week she's our newest muse! 

Describe Timeless as a state of eternal existence.

Timelessness to me is pieces / people that instils a sense of peace and happiness in you. Things that you keep coming back to and forever make you feel this way. 

Tijan is wearing our Vicky Dress in sky. 


Please share and describe for us 3 photos of objects / places / clothes / people you consider timeless:

My mum is timeless - never dips into trends and always has impeccable and classic style. Her style really hasn’t varied that much since I was born and she re wears her favourite pieces time and time again. She also hasn’t really aged in 20 years and if that’s not timeless I’m not sure what is? 


Tijan is wearing our Irene dress in ecru. 

Walks - Walks in Kensington Garden feel timeless to me, as happy there now with Atlas as I was playing when I was a little girl.

Tijan is wearing our Delfina Dress in midnight navy. 

Chevron Floor - a slightly odd one but chevron floor. I feel like herringbone became a really big trend recently but chevron to me feels so classic, chic, Parisian and timeless 

Tijan is wearing our Natalia Trousers in midnight Navy. 

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