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Meet Riley Uggla, our recent muse.

“I grew up all over the place, I spent the school year in London and summers in Canada with my family. My parents were avid travellers, so we were always on the go exploring new cities and learning about new cultures. I studied fashion business at Istituto Marangoni in London. I definitely always saw myself going into an area of the fashion industry and perhaps I would have learnt at an earlier stage the importance of sustainability within the industry should it have been taught at school.

I launched a contemporary gender neutral brand called Riley Studio in 2018 which was born because I think people are tired of consuming for consuming’s sake. People want timeless pieces that are not beholden to the trend setters and seasons”.


Describe Timeless as a state of eternal existence.

Timeless to me is an object or a product that remains the same and gives you the same feeling each time as if it was brand new. 

Riley is wearing our Vicky Dress in sky. 

 Please share and describe for us 3 photos of objects / places / clothes / people you consider timeless:

Home - My home in Canada where I’ve grown up every summer since the day I was born is a place I would describe as ‘timeless’ because of the memories created there each year and more with the years to come. 

Riley is wearing our Natalia Trousers and Luli Top in striped. 

Jewellery - is timeless and most often holds sentimental value. My grandma gave me an emerald ring for my birthday which my grandpa had given her. My birth stone is emerald.  

Riley is wearing our Nicola Top and Emilia Shorts in white. 

Coat - Clothing is timeless and I have had a black wool coat from Alaïa in my wardrobe for sometime which is beautiful, simple and will always be a key piece in my wardrobe. 

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