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Meet Noëlla Coursaris, an international model and philanthropist of Congolese/Cypriot heritage. A unique, fearless, and elegant spokesperson, and the face of leading beauty and fashion campaigns across the globe, Noëlla is a voice for the power of girls’ education worldwide. In 2007, Noëlla founded Malaika, a nonprofit that educates and empowers girls and their communities in her home country of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Described as a state of eternal existence, What is timeless to you?

To me, timeless means a person, an item or an idea that will stay good, beautiful, strong, relevant and meaningful forever, and it won’t be affected by changes in fashion, thought, style or years.

Noella is wearing our Emilia Shorts and Nicola Top in White. 


Please share and describe for us 3 photos of objects / places / clothes / people you consider timeless:

Nelson Mandela - Nelson Mandela worked tirelessly and humbly to bring about such huge change, the impact of which will continue to blossom for generations to come.


Noella is wearing our Delfina Dress in midnight Navy. 

Kitchens - Kitchens have long been a place that represents comfort, nourishment, life and communion. Everyone needs food to live, and meals have been a time for people to connect with each other through the ages. 

Noella is wearing our Vicky Dress in Sky. 

Thank You Notes - I’m really big on gratitude. I think it is so, so important to show appreciation to people, and nothing says thank you as beautifully as a hand-written note. 


Noella is wearing our Natalia Trousers and Luli Top in striped.  

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