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Was shot in Barcelona, Spain.

Natalie is wearing the Ana Top & Ana Bottom in green

Why did you choose to go to Barcelona?

My fiance’s start-up has an office in Barcelona  so I love to visit whenever he is there and make a weekend out of it!

Best discoveries in Barcelona? 

My favourite store is Santa Eulalia on Passeio de Gracia, the best road for shopping in the city.  I also love Little Beach House Barcelona and a restaurant called Passadís del Pep, there’s no menu you just tell the waiters what you are in the mood for and they custom design your meal. 

What is your approach to dressing for the summer?

Summer in the city is tough (office wear becomes a nightmare) I love wearing white and camel tones, because those colours really pop with a tan. I’m happy beige is in this year.  For holidays I love broderie anglaise and the new “midaxi” length dresses. 


Natalie is wearing the Ana Maillot in white

Why did you choose the ANA style from Casa Raki?

I love the high waisted bottoms - so elegant. And honestly the fit is incredible. I know everyone probably says that but these really sit perfectly and are cut so well.

One piece or two?

Hard to decide! I’d say two, but I’m getting much more into swimsuits this year.

Poolside or beach side?

I do love a chic pool.


Which apps help you choose where to go on holiday? / “What are you favourite travel apps”

My favourite travel apps are Google Translate, you can download so it scans and translates local signs for you, which I find very useful in Asia & Russia. CityMapper is of course amazing for getting around. I also have recently discovered Triposo which has maps with attractions, restaurants, shopping, cycle routes even the best spots for photo opportunities (hello Instagram!) The guides & maps can also be viewed offline which is such a great feature.

Restaurant & hotel planning in a new location – what app do you use

Mr & Mrs Smith app is great for hotels, that’s how we found out about Grand Hotel Central where we stayed in Barcelona. Triposo has been great for finding restaurants in new cities, Paco Meralgo was by far my favourite recommendation in Barcelona from the app. I also like to cross check all the hotels & restaurants I book on Instagram to see what the crowd is like and also if the venue is popular.

Tech holiday or tech detox?

Haha. I spend so much time on my phone it’s nice to switch off when I go away…. But I never really do!

What does South America mean to you?

I’m half Brazilian & grew up in Venezuela so South America is home to me.


Please detail a few things you love about South America

The food, the people and the attitude, the way people live is full of joy and appreciation for simple things like seeing friends, and also I am so inspired by how Brazilian women in particular know so much about the latest beauty innovations and beauty tech.

What does sustainable luxury mean to you?

You can’t be a luxury brand these days and not care about sustainability. Sustainability is luxury because it takes so much attention to detail and focus on quality to be able to achieve it.


Muse: Natalie Salmon (Instagram) 

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