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Meet Emma Harding, CEO of Scott Ideas, brand building agency with offices in London and New York, where Emma divides her time between the US and London leading in the industry. 

Emma is wearing our Eva Dress in Midnight Navy. 

Described as a state of eternal existence, What is timeless to you?


Kindness. Kindness knows no time; it is something that, if extended, transcends every culture, tradition and era of time. Kindness is often most powerful in silence; it does not require major gestures but it surely has the power to change the world.

Please share and describe for us 3 photos of objects / places / clothes / people you consider timeless:

David Attenborough, his kindness and mindfulness towards the planet, its people and its kingdoms will permeate through his legacy which will influence the world for all of our time. He is fighting for a state of timelessness against an ephemeral earth. The heart-breaking irony is the time he has left to create this.   


Emma is wearing our Nicola Top and Emilia Shorts in white. 

Princess Diana, she was a major style icon evoking the true sense of timeless fashion, but it was her kindness towards others that earnt her the hearts of the world. For me she encapsulates eternal existence; the juxtaposition of her life cut short against her timeless and inimitable legacy.


Emma is wearing our Irene dress in Ecru.

Black & White,  the power it evokes. Whether it’s fashion, art, photography, design; removing colour immediately gives a sense of timelessness, of freedom, of exploration. It can re-set, re-present, re-move a narrative or meaning allowing for another story to be told, time and time again. It is up to you as the wearer, the viewer, the painter to tell that story.

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