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Was shot in Puglia, Italy.


Danielle is wearing the Ana Top & Ana Bottom in black.  

1. Why did you choose to go to Puglia?  

I was visiting with a group of friends to host a retreat, and decided to add on 4 days either side of the retreat to explore. I work remotely, so i like to just settle into my usual routines in a new place. I was working, but it was nice to have good weather, new cuisines and the beach so close by for my breaks throughout the day.

2.     Best discoveries in Puglia? 

Polignano a Mare, monopoli, fasano, lecce and ostuni. More specifically, the masserias, beautiful ancient homes converted into catered accommodation. I also discovered amazing food at Pescaría in Polignano and also frescolatte gelataria in Monopoli. 

3.     What is your approach to dressing for the summer? 

Minimal and comfortable. Sounds boring, but i love a laid back summer wardrobe and wish i could wear loose, floaty things and go barefoot all year round.

4. Why did you choose the ANA style from Casa Raki?

it’s super flattering and elegant, simple yet unique. it fits really well and it’s sustainable. i love that it is reversible so you can wear it several ways, owning several garments in one and having to buy less.

5.     One piece or two? 

i love a high waisted two piece, but if the shape is right, there’s nothing more flattering for my hourglass shape than a one piece with a waist detail.

6.     Pool side or beach side? 

oooh such a hard question, i love the sea breeze and nature element of the sea so probably beach side, although less sand and salt is sometimes more preferable so pool side also has its place! the decider for me would be if there’s chilled music, good atmosphere and food and drinks on offer, lets put it that way!

7.   Have you ever been to South American and What does South America mean to you? 

i’ve been to several places in south america and it is without a doubt one of my favourite places. i love the vibrant energy and also the nature.

8.   If you haven’t been where would you like to go or Please detail a few things you love about South America

i’ve only visited colombia, and i’d love to visit argentina, brazil, ecuador, peru.

9.   What does sustainable luxury mean to you? 

It means spending more on buying something meaningful and better quality, and buying less, instead of buying lots of low quality things which put a strain on our planet. sustainable style doesn’t have to be luxury but people often see it that way if the price is higher or the quality is different to high street or larger designer brands. for me, it’s a choice to make. we really don’t NEED more things, so if we’re going to buy more by choice, choose something that has less of an effect in the planet.


10. How do you incorporate sustainability in your everyday life?
i try to live creating as little waste as possible. i never buy anything packaged in plastic if i can avoid it, i carry a reusable water bottle and cutlery with me everywhere. i shop locally and make my own food rather than buying too many packaged or processed ingredients or meals. i save energy wherever possible, particularly in my home with lights, heating, electricity etc. i walk whenever possible rather than taking public transport or driving (though i’m still working on flights!). i don’t buy new things anymore, if i can help it. i swap or shop second hand, and if i buy new i buy things made with eco-friendly materials and that’s produced ethically. 
11. What sparked your wellness, sustainable journey and how difficult have you found it?
I first got into wellness when i began modeling full time. i started learning about food and fitness and the natural progression was looking at what i was using on my skin, how i was shopping and eventually clothes and products i was buying. it has not been difficult. for me it is now a no-brainer. i am constantly learning new ways to be sustainable and i think the more we share and help each other, the more impact we can have!
12. How difficult do you find it to challenge the status quo on consumerism and fast fashion? 
as a model, it’s quite tricky because the nature of my job is consumerism; it’s to help sell things, ultimately. i do think things are changing though and i think every person who starts asking more questions to the brands they shop with, we will begin to notice a huge shift in the way things are made. i try my best, and focus my spare time, outside of work, on educating people more about sustainability and style. i also choose to work for more sustainable brands these days, as much as is within my control.

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