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Was shot in the South of France. 

Ana Top & Ana Bottom in white


1.Why did you choose to go to South of France?

Because of the films by Éric Rohmer

2. Best discoveries in the area? 

The Miró sculptures at Fondation Maeght and the violet ice cream in Tourrettes Sur Loup. 

3.What is your approach to dressing for the summer?

Linen, silk, organic cotton, espadrilles and always sunscreen.

Cindy Top & Cindy Bottom in Orange


4.  What is your favourite piece of the collection and why?

The maggie, it has the best fit i have ever tried 


Maggie in Pink / Flo Top & Ana Bottom in black.  

6.  Poolside or beach side?

Beach side.

7.  What does South America mean to you?

Sun, freedom and the smell of hawaian tropic.

8.   Please detail a few things and places you love about South America

The lakes in patagonia, the beaches of brazil and the night sky in the north of Chile.

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